Suso33 - Sin título


SUSO33 is one of the founders of iconographic graffiti and of the language experimentation of that discipline in our country, as well as a pioneer of Post-Graffiti/Street-Art/Urban-Art and a major exponent of livepainting in Spain. To place him under a single category is rather difficult since SUSO33 can be described as a plastic artist, a scenographer, a video artist, a muralist and a perfomer. His work sparks some controversy given the legality of his urban interventions and the relative formality of his performances, actions, happenings, live paintings, etc.

Suso33 vindicates the use of public spaces as a main stage for artistic life and as an essencial communication support for artists and their audience. His work strays from academic and street art stereotypes and formalities, prioritizing a dialogue with the spectator by use of a recognizable and direct language that is also profoundly intimistic and poetic. This has caught public and media attention rather well, with more than 500 TV and radio appearances as well as written press and digital media mentions since 2004, generating over 170 thousand internet results.