Better known as Bnomio, José Luis Pérez was born in Madrid on september the 19th, 1977. With a clear influence by urban movements and 1980s music and aesthetics, he studied at the Escuela de Artes Aplicadas y Oficios Artísticos nº2 of the spanish capital. Skateboarding, surfing, motorcycles, heavy metal records, graffiti, hip hop, tattoos…they’re all a constant throughout his life and career.

An iconoclast, a lover of details and a perfectionist by nature, his work is a process of abstraction in which he tries to reinterpret all the imagery that influences him, and reconstruct it using lines and geometry, thus keeping only the essence of that primal image.

His minimalistic style, very pronounced lincraft and absence of colour in most of his works but for some monochrome shading makes his craft instantly recognizable.

His work, highly acclaimed in Asian and Latin American markets, has been exhibited in cities such as Hong Kong and Mexico City, but also in european capitals like London.